Oktoberfest 2022

It started as an idea with parishioners over a beer. "Wouldn't it be fun if we threw an
Oktoberfest for the whole town?"

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Celebrating our German Heritage

Oktoberfest celebrates our city's strong German heritage and the German ancestry of many who live here, including many of the founding fathers of our congregation. 

And ... it's a great way to just have fun as a community! 

"We believe that church is too serious, too much of the time, and leads us to believe that God is only serious," Rev. Carnes says. But ... "If God is love, then God must also be playful."

“John’s gospel has Jesus’ first miracle be the Wedding at Cana where he famously turned water into wine. We believe that God calls us to care for the least and last, to seek justice, to love kindness, to walk humbly, and also to enjoy this life. This life is short, and is a gift to be enjoyed. For far too long, much of Christianity has been too easily associated with prudishness and legalism. We can be wise and mature, and also enjoy life with one another. That’s one of the ways we understand our faith.”


And yes, enjoying brats and beer at Oktoberfest with your family, playing lawn games, socializing, listening to some great music, and having fun can absolutely be a celebration of life and faith.


Our Oktoberfest is about community and celebrating and just plain having fun. “We want people to come, to be smart and be safe, and to enjoy themselves and have a little fun together,” Rev. Carnes says. “It’s what Jesus would have done.”


And Jesus just might have had a brat and a beer at Oktoberfest, too.