Proposed Capital Campaign

Saint Stephens United Church of Christ is considering a Capital Campaign to Welcome the Future. In addition to our practical needs:  replacement of the 95-year-old roof over the sanctuary, updating the wiring and electrical system to meet current codes, a new roof on the parsonage, a new electronic organ to replace our 30+-year-old organ, and renovation of the kitchen and Fellowship Hall, we are also considering possible campaign goals to Welcome the Future and prepare a church that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be here to tell about. Let us be the ones willing to Welcome the Future with dreams big enough for the generations to come. 

A special Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday, January 14, 2018, wherein the congregation voted on, and passed, a resolution to move forward with a Proposed Capital Campaign and approved a budget for hiring a consultant to guide us through the Campaign. This vote did NOT commit our church or our members to raising a specific dollar amount but to simply raise as much as we can and then, at the end of the campaign, based on the funds raised, our church leadership will recommend a final plan to our members at another special congregational meeting before moving forward with a final plan. 

Originally, the Campaign was anticipated to run from January 15 to June 15, 2018, during which time financial commitments would be sought, which would then be paid over a five-year period:  from 2018 to 2022. However, following the special congregational meeting, both congregants and Council alike had additional questions. 

Recognizing how this important issue will affect the future of our church, Council opted to speak with at least two other consulting firms. Once Council has considered these additional resources, they will formulate a new recommendation as to the best consultant to guide us through a Capital Campaign process and then set another special Congregational Meeting to put forth an appropriate resolution seeking congregational support to move forward.

Please look for additional information and new Congregational Meetings to come!.

Upon approval of a specific consultant to guide a Capital Campaign to success, a new Campaign period will be set. Financial commitments will be sought during that Campaign period. A specific five-year period for payments will be set. (Gifts to this proposed Campaign will be above and beyond our weekly contributions to the annual budget.)

If you did not attend one of the five Awareness/Education Meetings that were held throughout November and the first week of December, you can view the presentation shown at these gatherings here (in PDF format):  Awareness/Education Meeting PowerPoint Presentation.