Saint Stephens Church Council

The congregation of Saint Stephens elects a Church Council consisting of 12 members plus clergy. Of this 12, the Council elects officers annually:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Church Council is the governing body of our congregation, and Council members invite any member of the congregation to contact them with any questions or concerns.


  • President  -  Corey Dornbrack
  • Vice President   -  Kristine Smith
  • Treasurer  -  Bonnie Koelsch
  • Secretary  -  Paula McIntyre

  • Cheryl Buck
  • Judy Heath
  • Mike Moellendorf
  • Chris Stevenson
  • Melissa Stevenson
  • Janet Schaefer
  • Frank Van Alstine
  • Bill Wengeler
  • Alexis Slagoski (Youth Rep)
  • Alex Goetsch (Youth Rep)

  • Clergy  -  Rev. Michael Southcombe

Pictured below, the Sunday School children come forward to lay hands on the 2018 Church Council as they were installed at worship three years ago.