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Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

We are open for In-Person Worship

We are open for in-person worship at 9 AM on Sundays with the following guidelines; unvaccinated are asked to wear masks, and we will still lovingly distance with pews roped off to provide that distance. Please respect others choices. Some vaccinated people may still wear masks for various reasons. Please continue to follow all COVID-19 guidelines as much as possible. We will continue to Live Stream our Sunday Worship Service on Facebook and WJMT. 


Your Search Committee for our new Associate Pastor is:


Bill McIntyre (Chairperson)

Jennifer Porath (Co-Secretary)

Lydia McIntyre (Co-Secretary)

Leanne Schnabl (Communications)

Cliff Williams (Chaplain)

Janet Schafer

Marcus Reinhardt    

Jeff Hetfeld


St. Stephens Church Council and our Search team have reviewed our church profile and would like to share the profile with the congregation for their feedback. A link to the condensed profile can be reviewed here.  All members of St. Stephens are encouraged to review the profile and provide feedback to any Search Committee member by September 11, 2021.  After September 11, our Search Team would like to publish the completed profile on the national UCC web site for any prospective Associate Pastor candidates can review.


The full profile is over 45 pages in length.  To save paper resources, if anyone would like to see the profile in full, please contact the church office and a copy of the profile can be provided upon request. 


Questions about the Associate Pastor Search process can be directed to any Search Committee member.


Newsletter:  Published monthly ... The Interpreter is the best source of complete news and updates. Be sure to sign up for electronic updates.



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Worship in a Pandemic

The way we worship has temporarily changed. But that won't stop us from worshiping! Because ... 

We ARE the Church! 

The church is not the building, it's the people!

Click on one of the below icons to worship with us from right where you are!


    Sundays @ 9:00 AM

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  • ON THE RADIO ... SUNDAYS @ 9:00 AM

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Praying Together

While we are together ... but apart ... let us pray together and for one another.

Submit your prayer requests and pray for others ... 

Check out our new "Prayer" page.

Creating Community

None of us live our lives in isolation. People need people. We need each other. 

As Christians, we value time spent with one another. We like to share the stories of our faith with one another, to worship together, to build each other up, to lift one another up in prayer, to build community. That community is an integral part of who we are here at Saint Stephens.

We build community, not only with one another as fellow Christians, but with the people around us, people who may or may not belong to Saint Stephens. Much of our energy here is directed toward outreach and building community . . . through our Dinner @ Five community meal every Monday evening . . . through our support of the local Food Pantry . . . through providing meals for area youth filling backpacks during the school year and free Taco Tuesdays in the park during the summer months . . . through Vacation Bible School that is open to any child in our area . . . to our mission work in support of Re-Member, a non-profit organization that works with the Oglala Lakota Nation on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota . . . and in so many other ways. 

Click on our Community link to learn more about all the ways we work together to meet the needs we see in and around our community, locally and beyond. Learn more about what is happening "Under the Bridge," our new Blessing Closet, the Medical Ministry Loan Closet that serves the Merrill area, and so many other programs. We are here for one another.

Living & Loving One Another

Here at Saint Stephens, we genuinely LIKE each other, and we want to spend time with one another. 

We create and nurture opportunities to share time together. From Coffee Hours every Sunday morning after the 9:00 AM service ... to Vacation Bible School fun for a week in the summer with the kids ... to our Music Ministry ... to volunteer opportunities ... to Mission Ministry ... well, take a peek at our Congregational Life page and all of our fun photos and see for yourself!