At Saint Stephens, we make public our policies and other governing documents, so you can quickly and easily see what we're all about. Here are just a few of the documents you may find of interest. This section will continue to grow as we grow our ministry and add to this site.

  • weddings

    Would you like to get married at Saint Stephens United Church of Christ? Take a peek at our Wedding Policy and complete the information you can on the forms at the back. Then print it out and bring it into the church office. We will keep the last several pages with your completed information and make you a photocopy of it for your records. Obviously, at the early stages of wedding planning, you won't have all of the information, but the most important thing is to select your wedding date and book the church and minister to perform the ceremony. So go ahead and take the first step ... toward walking down the aisle at Saint Stephens. Complete the forms and let's get your wedding date booked at the church! Click on the link to download the Wedding Policy as a PDF.


    Would you like to have your child baptized at Saint Stephens United Church of Christ? Or are you an adult who has never been baptized and would like to be baptized into the Christian faith? We welcome both children and adults for baptism here at Saint Stephens. We've prepared a Baptism Policy to help you prepare for a baptism ... and to get us the necessary information to schedule a baptism. Please read the Baptism Policy and print it out. Then complete the form and bring that to the church office along with a preferred date or two so we can schedule the baptism on our church calendar. All baptisms take place as a part of our worship service, either at our Sunday morning 9:00 AM worship or Wednesday evening 6:00 PM worship. Click on the link to download Baptism Policy as a PDF.


    "No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here." 

    We say this every Sunday and all the time. It is printed on our letterhead and on the wall in the lounge where we have coffee hours and social gatherings. It is a part of our culture here at Saint Stephens United Church of Christ. 

    You ARE welcome here ... whether you are a visitor or a member. But if you've been visiting and decide you'd like to become a part of Saint Stephens United Church of Christ and join as a member, we'd love to have you. Consider yourself cordially invited! 

    We've created a New Member Policy to provide you with more information and help you take that first step. Fill out as much as you can and print it out. Then stop in the office with the paperwork, mail it in to the church, or call to set up a time to bring it in and chat with either the pastor or the office staff. Any of us are happy to help you! We would love to have your become a member of Saint Stephens.

    Click on the link to download the New Member Policy.


    It is customary for funeral homes to contact the church or minister to arrange for a funeral here at Saint Stephens United Church of Christ. But that may not always be the case. In some instances, the family of the loved one who has died chooses to plan and arrange for the funeral, visitation, and burial personally. Please reach out to the church if you would like to make personal arrangements with the pastor.

  • Safe Church Policy

    All are welcome here. And we want to ensure that all who enter through these doors feel cared for and protected, as well. This is our Safe Church Policy.  

  • Constitution and bylaws

    The mission, ministry, and workings of Saint Stephens United Church of Christ are governed by our Constitution and Bylaws.