Messy Church - January 9th 4 PM- 6 PM

Biblical Text:  Luke 2:25-38


Theme: We have something to contribute at every age and it is important for the generations to listen to one another and value what all people have to offer the church.

How does this session help people grow in Christ? 

The importance of different age groups learning, playing and worshipping together is one of Messy Church’s core values. Today’s story offers an opportunity to celebrate our older people, so often overlooked in today’s

society. When Jesus was brought as a baby to the Temple to be dedicated, it was an old man, Simeon, and an old woman, Anna, who had the insight to recognize him as the promised Messiah. Full of joy, they prophesied his future and told others about him.

Older people still have gifts of insight, wisdom and encouragement essential to the health and balance of our Messy communities. Younger people can help older people use newer technology and adapt to changing situations. Today’s session is about valuing, drawing out and sharing those gifts.


Here is the outline for January Messy Church. 

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What is Messy Church?

A way of being church for all-ages to join in experiencing fun and faith formative activities. Found throughout the globe. Based on the values of all-ages together, celebration, creativity, hospitality, and centering ourselves in Christ. 

Saint Stephens UCC will host a Messy Church event once a month. We start the night out with activity stations for everyone to participate in. Then we will sit down together for a kid friendly meal! Check out our events page for our next Messy Church date or call the church at 715-536-7322 for more information. 

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